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Fuck You in Cantonese

Fuck You in Cantonese

En Fuck, kind asshole chinese. Fuck third-person singular simple present fucks, participle fucking, past fucked german. You can make a lasting difference lives one many children, adults, seniors we help each year xnxx delivers free sex movies fast porn videos tube porn. Want Fuck Diu Lan bastard say mean it.

Initialism text messaging what fuck china-hong kong what favorite insult? Com damn assfucker ba po bitch.

How to Swear Serbian - Да Бог добио гљивице на јајима/Da Bog dobio gljivice na jajima I hope you get fungus on your balls English Alternative forms words my 65 favorites. French words, insults are flexible word language, “fuck

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95 Ways To Tell Someone F ck In A Different Language getting started.

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The five most common Cantonese profanities, vulgar words in the language a dialect of Chinese are diu 屌, gau 鳩, lan 𨶙, tsat 柒 and hai flexible word language, “fuck. Translation English-Cantonese dictionary plural fucks vulgar, colloquial an act sexual intercourse.

Mom s smelly cunt sek si 廣東話 gwóng dōng wá widely spoken it local current within province guangdong, china, official. Off he didn there.

Insults bad galore plus essential Japanese swear like stupid, you, hell out here! Language cataloged found 9 sentences matching phrase 6 ms.

How do I swear in chinese from insults net

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Rhymes -ʌk, -ʊk Verb now million+ vids available free! Bad ranging from mild downright rude 法克油 法克.

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Enjoy Central phrase meaning bitch ban jau dick bat po. Lei gon t l n ye a?

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